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Koco Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Kochi, India. The company was founded in 2018. The current game WARTROOPS is a war based strategy game allowing users to interact simultaneously and compete with one another. The next game on the pipeline will be released in a month which is an Arcade game with realtime collaboration.


War Troops is a fast-paced trench assault strategy game. You are the captain, and your objective is to capture enemy trenches. Be ready for War! 
Stickman Army World War Legacy is an addictive World War Strategy game. The spectacular challenges and immersive gameplay keeps you hooked to this military Action game.
War Troops 1917 is a fast-paced free military strategy world war 1 game, a perfectly designed pixel game prequel to the super hit War Troops war game.
Word King is a one of a kind word game for Free for Word Gamers. This brilliant new puzzle game takes word games to a new level by combining cross word solving and word puzzle fun!
Battle with German and British army to conquer the world in world war 2. Make strategic decisions, lead military operations with snipers, bazooka’s, officer, and tanks.